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Gales Ferry District is a small taxing district, consisting of approximately 500 homes and businesses within the Town of Ledyard. Revenue collected provides for maintenance, improvements, insurance and utilities for District-owned property, and installation, maintenance, and electricity for streetlights throughout the District.

1. The Tax Collector is responsible for obtaining the annual grand list from the Ledyard Tax Assessor’s office either by email or hard copy. This list is used to create the annual tax bills. The grand list’s total figure is given to the Gales Ferry Board of Directors to create the new budget. The mill rate is determined to meet the needs of the budget and is set at the District’s meeting held in May. Tax bills can be distributed after that.

2. The Tax Collector is responsible for presenting to the District President on an annual basis, a tax warrant to be signed by a Justice of the Peace following the annual meeting. This warrant will state the new mill rate and gives the Tax Collector the authority to collect the annual District taxes, interest, and liens.

3. The Tax Collector is responsible for ordering and distributing annual tax bills to those on the District’s Grand List. New tax bills should be sent to any taxpayers whose tax bills require updating due to ownership changes or undeliverable bills.

4. Tax payments are recorded indicating property owner, property address, mailing address, amount paid, date of payment and check number, Interest and/or lien fees, as applicable. A collectibles spreadsheet is prepared indicating the opening balance to be collected. Tax payments are recorded on this spreadsheet which results in a final amount left to be collected (this collectible figure will balance with delinquent account amounts).

5. The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting and depositing all tax money. Deposits are made daily as needed. A copy of the deposit is given to the Treasurer with a breakdown of the deposit (tax, interest, lien, etc.). At the end of each fiscal year (June 30), the Tax Collector will provide data to Treasurer which indicates total revenue collected during the fiscal year, as well as all amounts due. Data should include names, property addresses, mail addresses, and tax, interest, lien plus fee amounts due.

6. Tax bills are due July 1 and are delinquent as of the first non-weekend or holiday in the following August. Postmarks will be recognized; check dates are not. Interest is calculated at 1.5% per month and charged at the beginning of the month for that month. There is a grace period of one month for the month of July only. Any payment received after the August 1 will be charged interest at the rate of 1.5% per month from July onward. Payments received after August 1 but before August 31, for instance, will be charged 1.5% interest for the entire month of July plus 1.5% interest for the entire month of August, regardless of when during the month a payment is received. If payment is received after July 31 and interest is not included with payment, a Statement of Account will be sent to the property owner making them aware of the interest charges and requesting payment. Interest is credited first with the remainder of the payment credited to the tax. This means that if a payment is received late and there is no interest included with that payment, it is considered that the interest has been paid and the tax has only been partially paid.

7. Statements of Account are sent to delinquent taxpayers throughout the year starting in August. Statements of Account include the past due tax amount and the interest now due. Intent to Lien notices are sent in early September to unpaid accounts for the current year; liens are placed on those unpaid accounts in October at a charge of $120 for the lien and an additional $2 collection fee (collection fee payable to the Tax Collector).

8. The Tax Collector must be available to answer questions presented by lawyers, paralegals, banks, real estate agents, appraisers and members concerning the status of tax payments or any other questions relevant to the collection of the Gales Ferry District tax throughout the year.

9. Tax Collector must be knowledgeable of and administration of Connecticut State Statutes as regards compliance to tax laws.

10. Address changes must be updated regularly between the District Treasurer and Tax Collector.

Salary: $6,250 plus reimbursement for postage

Please submit applications to and include “Tax Collector” in the subject line. Applicants should submit a resume and relevant references. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. A background check will be required.

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This is a remote, part-time, independent contractor position with no insurance benefits