Tax Collector

Job Description:

City of Derby
Job Description
Tax Collector
Objectives: Under the administrative direction of the Mayor, directs and administers the revenue collection activities and statutory responsibilities of the Tax Collector’s Office. Prepares tax bills from the Grand List furnished by the Assessor. Oversees and participates in the recording and collecting of local property taxes, assessments, liens, and other municipal revenues.
Essential Functions:
• Administers, directs and participates in the billing and collection of: real, motor vehicle, and personal property taxes; sewer assessments and sewer use; the maintenance and processing of moneys collected to the general fund; and the preparation of reports of collection.
• Supervises and trains clerical administrative staff in receiving, reconciling, and depositing tax collections and other revenue, and ensures compliance of office procedures with tax laws.
• Computes revenue balances.
• Investigates tax delinquencies, implements collection procedures, and coordinates legal procedures for collection of back taxes.
• Prepares and administers operating budget for department.
• Meets and negotiates with the public to explain tax collection procedures and law, investigates, and resolves complaints and to arrange for payment of delinquent accounts.
• Determines whether to issue warrants or file tax liens, and initiates action to implement the decision; removes liens and follows-up bankruptcy cases.
• Coordinates the billing and receipt of real estate tax payments by mortgage companies; corresponds with mortgage companies to resolve problems of non-payment or overpayment of accounts.
• Evaluates current collection practices and data processing applications and proposes procedural or administrative change as warranted.
• Provides information to attorneys, banking officials, constables and sheriffs, and the public regarding tax policies and procedures.
• Performs other related work as required.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Thorough knowledge of the principles and procedures of municipal revenue collection, assessment, land records and tax laws, requirements and procedures.
• Thorough knowledge pf modern office methods and practices including the utilization of data processing applications as they relate to billing and collection work.
• Considerable knowledge of and ability to interpret and apply the provisions of State Statutes and ordinances governing the City’s revenue collection operation.
• Knowledge of accounting principles and practices and required tax reports.
• Ability to prepare and analyze complex statistical and technical reports.
• Ability to plan and prioritize department operations to meet established and statutory deadlines.
• Ability to schedule, assign, supervise and train subordinates.
• Ability to deal effectively with City and State officials, banking officials and the public.
• Ability to prepare a department budget.

Required Equipment Operation:
Operates office equipment as required including but not limited to a department computer, printer, telephone, electronic calculator, adding machine and copying machine.

City of Derby
Job Description
Tax Collector
Required Physical Effort:
Must be able to sit at desk or stand at an assigned location and work continuously for extended periods of time, utilizing assigned office equipment-, lift and carry reports, boxes and office equipment.

An Associate’s degree in Business, Accounting or related field and three years of progressively responsible experience working in accounting, collection, finance or related field including supervisory work and experience related to municipal revenue collection and accounting, or equivalent.

Special Requirements:
Certification as a Connecticut Municipal Tax Collector Must be bondable.

September, 1998

Job Location

Derby, CT