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1099 or W2?
The CTx organization asked the IRS its opinion as to whether we should send a 1099 or a W2 to anyone receiving the volunteer fire or emergency services personnel abatement in our municipalities.
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Foreclosure Mediation:
Notice of Community Based Resources

This information is being provided to the public in accordance with PA 12-1 Section 129, eff. 10/1/2012
Downloadable Form and Codified Public Act

New Tax Sale Ruling
The Appellate Court held that collectors aren’t obligated to send tax sale notices to: (1) people who forgot to record their deeds, (2) the property’s “occupant,” (3) to addresses already returned as “undeliverable,” or (4) people who other town officials know have interests. Details

Legal Entities and Personal Property Tax Collection
Provided by New Haven County Assessor's Association

Local Option Property Tax Relief for Businesses
Public Act 14-174
Title 7 – Municipal Chapter 117